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Arizona, San Isidro del General, Perez Zeledon, San Jose, CR

This is a very good size property  of 4847 m2.

The access to this property is very good,  paved road and only a small stretch of gravel road with cemented areas.

The property has an electric gate  for greater security and comfort. In the part where there is no gate, there is a bamboo fence that creates privacy.

In the front part of the property there is a site ready to build any other structures  that are required or desired, including another house, since the current house of the owners was going to be built there. This area has an irrigation system mainly for the dry season.

Drinking water, electricity, telephone and internet services are available. In addition, the house has a solar heater to supply hot water to the bathrooms and the kitchen. Rainwater is collected in cement gutters and carried to a channel at the bottom of the first half of the property.

In addition to the first campus there is a green area with fruit trees and landscaping. On this boundary, which is the west, there is a small mountain area that gives the property a lot of protection and scenic beauty, as well as extra freshness.

The land is very fertile in this area where we can see production of mangoes, plantains, bananas, tangerines, it is special land for avocado and orange if they want to be planted.

Following this area there is a small mountain that the current owners have wanted to protect and this is a valuable addition to the property. After the mountain, a natural plant area opens up with great potential for cabins or a small ranch to enjoy this area, which is the one that adjoins a ravine in the background.

The views from various points of the property, as well as from the house itself, are spectacular and of great scenic beauty, so it is a location that allows you to be relaxed and at peace.

house layout

  • First level: on this level is the terrace that is also used as a garage. Everything that is required to make barbecues is installed there, with its large furniture and sink. In this area the floor is covered with fourth grade stone. A swimming pool, metal and log chairs, a small table, and an awning are also installed. It is a covered but open area for enjoyment. In the area that is used as a garage is the laundry or laundry room area and there is access with a door to some internal steps to go up to the second level of the house.
  • Second level: on this level there is a beautiful terrace with an iron structure and beautiful windows. This is a beautiful part of the house to be used in many ways. In the interior part is the kitchen, living room and dining room in an OPEN style , very spacious, with lots of light and height of the walls (2.85 meters high) . There are large windows everywhere and at this height it is just very nice to be in this area. The ceiling is handcrafted and all the lighting is recessed and LED type , in addition to being automatedand with control from cell phones. There is a restroom in this area and it is the access to the internal stands to go to the third level. In this area is the main entrance to the house from the open parking area. The front door is very well designed to be secure and well finished at the same time.
  • Third level:On this level are the bedrooms. There is one for the child, another for guests and the main room. All have windows facing east with beautiful views and plenty of light. There is an internal hallway that communicates the different spaces on this level. The main room is made of large windows and has a nice balcony. The glass with which all the windows in the house are made is 10 mm tempered, very safe and of great beauty. There are no tinted windows, so curtains are used at night to give each room the required privacy. The main room also has air conditioning. There is a sanitary service and a separate bathroom with a dressing room for the main room and a sanitary service and bathroom to be shared for the other two rooms. There is also a study-type room where there is also all the communications control of the house, since a structured network system has been installed throughout the house for the electrical installation, for lighting, sound and internet. The house has ambient sound in several areas, which is also programmable from cell phones.
  • The house has been built with a very contemporary design, of great beauty and very functional, in addition to the fact that a good part of the structured network allows alarms, lighting, sound and cameras to be intelligent. Even the damper system is designed to be configurable according to the tastes or needs of the owners.



  • They are 170 meters from the main paved road that connects Pedregoso with Pedregocito and San Ramón Sur
  • There are 600 meters to the main entrance of the Isaias Retana Arias Environmental Professional Technical College
  • It is 2 km to the crossroads in Pedregoso and the Commerce Center of this community
  • There are 2.3 km to the Catholic Church, School and Community Hall of Pedregoso
  • There are 2.5 km to the headquarters of the Pérez Zeledón Bar Association
  • It is 4.2 km to La Tormenta Shopping Center in Barrio Boston
  • There are 5 km to the Central Park of San Isidro del General
  • It is 5.8 km to the Escalante Pradilla Hospital
  • There are 1.6 km to the Inter-American Highway Route 2 at the exit of Hotel Los Pinos
  • There are 4.1 km at the exit through Barrio 8 de Diciembre to the Route 243 highway in Hoyón and that communicates with the South Pacific 


Address: Pedregoso
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Property ID 6486
  • Price $400,000
  • Property Type Houses, Lands
  • Property status For Sale
  • Label New