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Unique Opportunity in the La Linda Community

In the heart of Pérez Zeledón, in the peaceful community of La Linda, is a jewel of nature: a 4.2 hectare farm for sale. This property, currently covered in grass and mountains, offers a unique opportunity for those looking for a corner of peace and nature in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

Strategic location

The property for sale enjoys a strategic location in an elevated area of the La Linda community, providing spectacular views of the General Valley and the majestic surrounding mountains. The terrain, with undulating and broken topography, creates a picturesque and diverse setting that will captivate any nature lover.

Access and Privacy

With a public registered road along the northern boundary, this property ensures both convenient access and privacy. In addition, it has a ravine pass on the southern boundary, with a mountain that serves as a natural protector shared with the neighboring farm. This combination of access and privacy creates the perfect balance for those seeking the tranquility of the countryside.

Exuberant Flora and Fauna

The region surrounding this property for sale is a sanctuary of biodiversity. The diversity of flora and fauna present in the area creates a unique environment, where every day is an opportunity to discover new species and enjoy the rich breeze that flows, especially at dusk. This connection with nature adds invaluable value to the property.

The biodiversity in this area is not limited to the land; It extends to the exceptional flora and fauna that inhabit it. From colorful birds to exotic plants, the estate is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Every corner is an invitation to explore and discover the natural wealth that surrounds it.

Services and Amenities

It is crucial to note that, due to the privileged location of the estate, there are no public services currently available. However, drinking water and electricity are only about 350 linear meters away, providing the possibility of connection in the future. This aspect adds an opportunity for those seeking self-sufficiency and customization of services.

Investment Opportunity with Unlimited Potential

This farm for sale is not simply a property, but an investment opportunity with unlimited potential. Its location, combined with its unique features, makes it an attractive option for those looking to escape the bustle of the city and immerse themselves in a natural environment.

The estate’s undulating topography not only offers panoramic views, but also opportunities for residential development. Creating lots with spectacular views could be a lucrative option. Imagine waking up every morning to the stunning view of the General Valley from your own home.

Ideal for Sustainable Developments

Given the diverse topography and abundance of biodiversity, the farm presents itself as the perfect canvas for sustainable development projects. From eco-hotels to eco-communities, the possibilities are as vast as the nature that surrounds it.

Ecological Considerations

Given the natural beauty and rich biodiversity, it is crucial to approach any development with an ecological approach. The conservation of flora and fauna must be a priority, ensuring that any future projects are harmonious with the natural environment.

Agrotourism Opportunity

The combination of grasslands and mountains creates the ideal setting for agritourism projects. Imagine growing organic produce on your own land and sharing the experience with interested visitors. This initiative would not only be sustainable but also a potential source of additional income.

Quiet and Private Retreat

For those seeking a tranquil and private retreat, this estate for sale offers the opportunity to build the home of your dreams in an environment that fuses the serene with the spectacular. The privacy ensured by the natural geography makes this property the ideal place to disconnect from daily stress.

Access to Outdoor Adventures

For lovers of outdoor activities, this estate offers more than just land. With mountains and ravines as neighbors, a range of opportunities opens up for excursions, hiking and other recreational activities. The estate becomes the perfect starting point to explore the surrounding natural beauty.

The Farm of Your Dreams

In summary, this 4.2 hectare farm for sale in La Linda, Pérez Zeledón, is much more than land and nature. It is an opportunity to invest in a unique lifestyle, where natural beauty is combined with the comfort of the strategic location.

If you are looking for a property that offers stunning views, convenient access, and the potential to create your own paradise, look no further. This farm


Address: La Linda
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Property ID 7336
  • Price $100,000
  • Property Type Farms